Artist's Statement

I have always loved throwing on the wheel.

     For the first ten years or so, I threw

          strictly functional pottery, but

               slowly the traditional pieces

                    began to evolve into a sort of

                         "funk"tional pottery, such

                              as a camel toothbrush

                                   holder, a walrus

                                        menorah, and giraffe


                                                  I found

                                             myself drawn

                                        to animals with

                                   exaggerated features,

                              such as the wondrous

                         rhinoceros, because of the

                    way that I manipulate the clay.

          Collapsing the cylinders of soft clay

     creates the folds that lend a unique

          character to each piece and stamp it

               with my signature. For coloring, a

                    wash of manganese and iron or

                         underglazes are added to these

                              creatures, which are then

                                   fired to cone ten. The

                                        eyes are glazed to give

                                             them depth.


          Patricia Uchill Simons